Natural Antioxidant—Great for Liver Health
Learn about many health benefits of milk thistle.

Potential Health Benefits of Milk Thistle

Decades of research suggest milk thistle can help treat dozens of health conditions. Find out which ones here.

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Metabolic Benefits of Milk Thistle

What conditions are part of metabolic syndrome? How can milk thistle help?

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Help Prevent and Treat Liver Disease with Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is truly the wonder herb for liver health. Learn how milk thistle extracts help with liver conditions and diseases, and catch up on the latest clinical studies using milk thistle to treat different types of liver disease.

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Milk Thistle and Cancer: Evidence of Potential Therapeutic Benefit

Could milk thistle help prevent or treat cancer? Clinical studies suggest compounds in milk thistle may indeed help fight cancer. Lab and animal studies show how.

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Milk Thistle Help for Diabetes

Milk thistle extracts have a number of effects that could help prevent the development or progression of diabetes.

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