Natural Antioxidant—Great for Liver Health

Look Your Best with Milk Thistle

Ground with salt, milk thistle makes a great lower sodium seasoning.

You probably know that milk thistle is good for your liver. But did you know milk thistle antioxidants are great for your skin?

  • Solar UV radiation contributes to skin aging and dark skin spots, as well as skin cancer. Studies show silymarin and silybin extracts from milk thistle can help block UV's harmful effects to skin cells.(85192)
  • Milk thistle's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits can be beneficial (both topically and by supplement) to help treat skin rashes.(87192)
  • Silymarin from milk thistle helps protect against glycation in the skin, a natural aging process that contributes to wrinkles.(205)

Check out the research on milk thistle's cosmetic benefits:

Milk Thistle Table 10: Anti-Aging & Cosmetic Skin Benefits
Condition Milk Thistle Effects


Benzoyl peroxide is a common ingredient in acne creams. However, it generates free radicals and may even promote skin cancer. Milk thistle silymarin extracts may protect against that risk.(206207)

Milk thistle compounds also naturally suppress an enzyme that promotes sebum production.(53)

Dry skin(71)

Preclinical studies suggest cream containing 4% milk thistle extract has significant skin moisturizing effects.(71)



In a 4 week double-blind clinical trial, 96 patients with melasma were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 groups:(85)

  • 7 mg/ml silymarin cream
  • 14 mg/ml silymarin cream
  • Placebo cream

All patients in the 2 treatment groups showed complete clearing of melasma within 4 weeks. Lesions were significantly reduced as early as 1 week of twice daily use of the milk thistle cream.(85)


Lab tests show milk thistle silibinin extracts block inflammatory enzymes and leukotrienes that contribute to psoriasis.(95208)


Saggy skin(96)

In a 12 week clinical study involving middle-aged Japanese women, daily supplements containing 462 mg of milk thistle significantly improved signs of aging skin:(96)

Skin elasticity

Wrinkle depth and size

The supplements also included apple and soy extracts.(96)

Crow's feet wrinkles(209)

Uneven skin tone(209)

A topical formula containing 1% milk thistle seed oil, vitamin E, peptides, and other herbal extracts also showed the anti-aging effects in a 4 week clinical trial.(209)

The herbal formula:(209)

Skin firmness by almost 28%.

Skin elasticity by almost 9%.

Crow's feet wrinkles by 14%

The topical milk thistle and herbal cream also brightened the skin and reduced red spots. Effects were noticeable after 2 weeks and increased by the end of the trial at 4 weeks.(209)

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Silybin A and silybin B are collectively referred to as silibinin.(2094)