Metabolic Benefits of Milk Thistle

High cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and liver disease are all metabolic syndrome conditions.

Metabolic syndrome is the term used to describe a group of related conditions, including:(106)

Lab, animal, and clinical research suggests milk thistle extracts can help prevent and treat metabolic syndrome by:(76107108)

Cholesterol Control with Milk Thistle

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Milk thistle may also reduce the need for high doses of statins. In a 6-month clinical trial, a combination of milk thistle, another herb containing berberine, and half-dose statin drug was more effective than the statin combined with placebo. The milk thistle dosage was 105 mg, twice a day.(109)

Berberine is a natural statin, as is Monascus purpureus fermented rice. Milk thistle's silymarin compounds improve absorption of berberine. In a clinical study, a combination of these herbal compounds helped lower cholesterol in patients with high cholesterol levels.(110)

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Pancreatic lipase.(108)
Berberis aristata.(109)